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Lina Butkute-Van de Voort, MSc

Rebeca Guerra-Martinez, MSc

Nastia Ed1

Anastasija Borsc-Pilkioniene, MSc

Laura Ed1

Laura Ustinaviciute, PhD


About us

International Counseling was started by Lina Butkute-Van de Voort with a goal to provide individuals touched by any kind of migration issues with a possibility to receive support (preferably) in their own language from internationally driven professionals no matter where both sides reside.

We believe that counseling is meant not only for people with behavior problems. Facts and research has shown that it is most effective in helping healthy people improve their quality of life, reach personal goals and enhance the quality of their relationships.

Our goal is to support you in rediscovering yourself, your own voice, your own priorities, career, passion, dreams and fears. 


To ensure professionalism, we guarantee that all counseling psychologists working with International Counseling:

Have at least a Master degree in Psychology.

Belong to a professional association of Psychologists in at least one country.

Have spent a considerable amount of time outside their country of origin to increase their cultural sensitivity.

Have several years of supervised work experience.

Speak more than one language.


We are certified users of:

- Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)

- Capability tests (Occupational testing)

- Wechsler Intellingence Scale (WAIS-IV and WISC-IV)

- Offender Assessment System (OASYS)


We are members of:

- Dutch Association of Psychologists (NIP)

- Lithuanian Association of Psychologists (LPS)

- Ghana Psychology Council

- United Kingdom Association for Solution Focussed Practice (UKASFP

- EU project "EU Kids Online II" and "EU Kids Online III"

- European Cooperation in Science and Technology framework (COST)

Our team

Lina has gained her Master degrees in Psychology and Human Resource Management studying at the universities in Lithuania and the Netherlands. She has also lived in Poland, the USA, and Ghana. In her private practice Lina provides psychological assessment and counseling to adults and children on a variety of emotional issues with a help of practical methods from cognitive behavior therapy. She also delivers training programs to manage stress to individuals, families and organizations. Next to her private practice, Lina also works on a free lance basis for local mental health centers in Accra. Lina provides services in English, Dutch and Lithuanian. She resides in Accra, Ghana.

Rebeca has gained her Bachelor degree in Psychology and Gestalt therapy, and her Master degree in Higher Education in Mexico and Finland. Additionally, she has accomplished an Academic Specialty on Competency Based Instructional Development. Rebeca has extensive experience as a trainer in the educational and organizational environment, has worked in partnership with Educational Service Centers in the USA. She designs and delivers tailor-made courses and training programs using among others competency-based approach. Rebeca provides services in English, Italian and Spanish. She resides in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Anastasija has gained her Master degree in Psychology studying at the universities in Germany and Lithuania. She has extensive experience in being raised in a foreign culture. Besides her work with International Counseling, Anastasija serves as a Counseling psychologist at the educational institution, dealing with everyday problems at school, assisting parents, teachers and the children themselves by either assessments, training and/or counseling. Anastasija provides counseling in English and Russian. She resides in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Laura has gained her PhD degree in Psychology studying at the universities in Lithuania and Italy. She has extensive experience being raised in a family with parents from different cultural background. Besides her work with International Counseling, Laura works at university as a lecturer, a trainer, a researcher and a counseling psychologist. Laura's areas of interest range from cognitive psychology, trauma and crisis interventions, to career development issues and conflict mediation. Laura provides counseling in English and Lithuanian. She resides in Vilnius, Lithuania.