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I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things. ~ Mother Teresa

Group workshops and training

Besides traditional individual therapy, we offer sessions with a special focus. For people who want to reduce stress and learn relaxation techniques, breathing and muscle relaxation exercises are taught individually or in small groups. 

Additionally, we offer workshops for adults and children on international relocation stress and adjustment issues. 

For companies, we provide workshops on stress management, assertive communication, employee motivation and engagement, team-building.

JUMP-Gatherings for Empowerment

Do you find yourself in a situation that does not satisfy you?

Would you like to discover what you actually want and how you can achieve it?

Would you like to do it completely on your own?


We kindly invite you to come and join unique talks, which in a positive and active way will empower you to make a step ahead. The method we will use is known as Jump! Movement. More than 24.000 people around the globe have already participated in the movement and made their first Jump! forward.


When? Autumn sessions are over. Please check again for further updates.

Where? The Hub Eindhoven for Expats, Vestdijk 25, 5611 CA Eindhoven.

Language? English.

Who? Internationally minded people.

Guidance? Specially trained buddies to guide the process. If you have any questions regarding gatherings, please do not hesitate to contact us at



About the talks. During four Jump! gatherings you participate in a talk at the round table with other five people that find themselves in a similar situation. You answer seven questions taking turns one after another. Questions are positive and active: what are you proud of, what are your strengths, and how you can use them to set your next step. When you talk others listen. In that way you discover what you actually want and how you can achieve it. Special is that you do it all yourself. You decide what you say and which further steps you take.

Guided by a trained buddy. Talks are guided by a specially trained buddy. The buddy is a person who lives in your town, has experience with living abroad and therefore understands how you feel. The buddy participates in all the talks and guides them.

Jump! method. Jump! method was created by Inneke Hurkmans. In various places around the globe women and men are using this method to investigate what they want to change, what they want to strengthen and how they can take their first step towards that direction. Up untill now more than 24.000 people have undertaken Jump!  

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